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TICOR mower conditioner rollers

TICOR Rollers

Abrasion-resistant TICOR discs are ideal for agricultural and industrial roller applications

A wide variety of rollers, made from either steel or synthetic, fiber-reinforced TICOR, are available to meet your engineering needs. Lakin specializes in four broad areas of roller manufacture: TICOR rollers, Steel Drive and Idler rollers, Molded/Vulcanized rollers and Steel rollers. Lakin produces specialized rollers to your exact specifications.

TICOR Rollers
Lakin TICOR rollers are made with synthetic, fiber-reinforced TICOR discs. These discs are ruggedly constructed for use on heavy-duty conveying and processing applications. Even when in direct contact with a wide variety of materials, they will resist buildup and impact damage.

Versatile TICOR rollers can be crowned, grooved, dynamically balanced and made with horizontal and vertical interruptions to solve the toughest design problems. All TICOR rollers are machined to control concentricity and minimize run-out. Expensive molds required with other roller surfaces are not necessary with TICOR rollers. Furthermore, problems with chunking and bonding associated with molded rubber rollers are eliminated.

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Mower Conditioner Rollers
An excellent example of the use of TICOR discs is in Mower Conditioner rollers. These rollers are designed to intermesh or run together to properly condition hay in agricultural mover conditioners. The reinforcing plies in TICOR roller discs aid in the feeding of the hay and help resist abrasion for long roller life. Changes in length or diameter can be made quickly and inexpensively, since there are no costly molds used in the manufacturing process.

TICOR rollers can be furnished with dynamic balancing to reduce structural and bearing problems.

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