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Tire Collection

Processing over 10% of the nation's used tires.*

Lakin Environmental, working in conjunction with recycling companies from coast to coast, has created a recycling network ensures the proper management of all tires we collect. This Lakin network serves the tire recycling needs of some of our nationís largest retailers.

Of the millions of tires generated annually in the United States, over 10% Ė tires from one in ten vehicles traveling our nationís highways Ė will flow through the Lakin network processing centers. These tires are properly recycled by Lakin.

The Lakin process includes a fleet of trucks and the extensive use of rail transportation. All trade-in tires collected flow into Lakin processing centers where they are classified and separated in accordance with the hierarchy established for tire recycling.

Lakinís collection network is professionally managed and easily reached through our 1-800-Ö..number. Whether you are a national retailer, a regional tire dealer or a local independent, the Lakin collection system will ensure the timely collection and proper management of your scrap tire material.*

*Please note: Depending on your location there is a 100-200 pick-up minimum. Call for more information.

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