What is TICOR?

TICOR is a durable, low-cost, synthetic fiber or steel-reinforced rubber material

TICOR parts are produced by a unique mechanical method of recycling tires. Each tire is classified by size, number of plies and type of reinforcing material. Both beads are removed and the two sidewalls and center tread section are separated. The three segments are then machined to the proper thickness with a close tolerance range. After inspection, the TICOR parts are die cut to their specific size and shape.

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Stack of used car tires
    TICOR parts and assemblies are being used in hundreds of applications where engineers require a versatile, low-cost, durable rubber material that can:
  • transmit torque
  • absorb vibration
  • seal gaps against granular leakage
  • convey and spread materials
  • withstand cyclical flexing
  • allow for thermal expansion and contraction